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Originally Posted by rockapede View Post
Some thoughts: We're talking about an armed robber, correct? How is there just as much of a chance of getting shot on a "routine" traffic stop? That's why it's called a felony or "high risk" stop: because armed robbers are high risk! I've never, ever met an officer who treats known, high risk stops the same way they treat stopping the Taurus with a tail light out. I really hope that isn't what you meant to say, because any cop that does is, frankly, stupid.

Second, who said anything about sneaking right up on somebody's bumper? Have you ever actually followed someone?
Sure, I'm not denying a felony stop is likely more dangerous..but, like I said DV calls are more frequent and often just as dangerous as any felony stop, so...well. I don't know about you but I treat every encounter with strangers as a possible threat...because that's just reality. Are you trying to say more officers are killed on felony stops as opposed to routine traffic stops? Because that's...false.

Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
The thread in the divorced daddy forum. You know, the one in which someone using the same location and screenname as you do here posted a question about having a bench warrant issued because his employer didn't properly garnish his wages.

I suppose it could be a coincidence, but I don't much believe in such happenings.
The only kids I have live with me. I just checked on what you're talking about and that's my brother who was was staying with me at the time (who has since gotten all that straight last time I heard). I made the account for him, and let him put in his own password (which is why I couldn't log in myself). But I know about all that now anyway, he talked to me about it later.

I'm sure most of you were hoping it was me...sorry to disappoint.

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