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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
Ok? Yes, that's what I said...I'd light them up. That doesn't necessarily mean they're going to flee, shoot, or anything else. As you hinted on, there's just a much of a chance of that happening on a routine traffic stop. I don't really see any difference here except for the fact that you think you're going to sneak up right on their rear bumper simply because your overheads aren't on.
Some thoughts: We're talking about an armed robber, correct? How is there just as much of a chance of getting shot on a "routine" traffic stop? That's why it's called a felony or "high risk" stop: because armed robbers are high risk! I've never, ever met an officer who treats known, high risk stops the same way they treat stopping the Taurus with a tail light out. I really hope that isn't what you meant to say, because any cop that does is, frankly, stupid.

Second, who said anything about sneaking right up on somebody's bumper? Have you ever actually followed someone?
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