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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
Ok? Yes, that's what I said...I'd light them up. That doesn't necessarily mean they're going to flee, shoot, or anything else. As you hinted on, there's just a much of a chance of that happening on a routine traffic stop. I don't really see any difference here except for the fact that you think you're going to sneak up right on their rear bumper simply because your overheads aren't on. It's possible, but the end result will be the same...they will either stop without incident, or it will turn into aggravated flight from an officer or worse.

This is the problem with hypotheticals...I'm sure you see it all clearly in your head but I can only see it as you type it here.

This is not a traffic related stop though. You are stopping someone who just committed an armed robbery. This is not an unknown - this is a KNOWN threat. You KNOW they have a gun. You KNOW they are a criminal and JUST committed a crime. That is like saying that since 2 officers respond on a domestic to a house - you might as well send 2 officers to retrieve someone on a murder warrant from a house.

You don't see a difference between a single officer doing a stop compared to a felony stop in this circumstance?

You have just proven the point of this thread with your above post.
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