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I think that flw came about as close to the heart of the matter as anyone... "On pistols only, you choose that largest caliber you can accurately shoot. If it a 22 then that's it, Doesn't matter what caliber you almost hit the target with."

I really don't now how many of you have every had to actually pull your pistols to defend yourself either here in the States or in the military over-seas, but if you have you understand just how fast "things go down". You don't have time to truly utilize your expensive sights & lights, you have about 1 or if you lucky 2 seconds to pull and shoot! That's the truth.

Rather than be concerned about what you use, spend more of your time & money being damn good and what you have. If it's a 380 or 45-70, you'll most likely get 1 shot, so be proficient enough to make it count!

Well... that's my 2 cents FWIW.

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