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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
Actually, that's the opposite of what I said. The first thing is to get get other units involved. And lighting up someone doesn't necessarily mean engaging them in a firefight by yourself. I'm not in the habit of pulling Mel Gibson stunts in heavy urban traffic (which is what you said the circumstances were in your hypothetical).
You changed your quote a bit since I was responding, but I will respond to your new post to give you the benefit.

Here is what you said -

We're not talking about the Gambino crime family here, we're talking an armed robbery which are most often committed by strung-out drug addicts. I don't know where you live, but we have a large meth problem down here and if you think you're going to "sneak" up on these people, you need to come down for a while.
I'd light them up immediately, and if they decide to run...well, there'll be plenty of deputies waiting and the outcome won't be so good for them. "
Lighting someone up doesn't mean engaging them in a firefight? When you place those lights on by yourself and the vehicle pulls to a stop - you don't get to control when the bullets start coming your way.

Again - a felony stop is a no-brainer for any real cop. Stopping an armed robbery offender by yourself in real life LE will most likely result in death/injury or a reprimand and butt-chewing.
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