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Originally Posted by Sharky7 View Post
I'll just lay it out for you. You mentioned you would light up an armed robbery offender by yourself in a one man car. An offender you know that is armed and just committed a robbery - but you believe it's good tactics to go at it alone and not just wait for back up, which you said would be easy to get in your area. Such a bad decision that it would either get you killed or reprimanded in LE. A felony stop is a no-brainer for any real cop.
Actually, that's the opposite of what I said. The first thing is to get get other units involved. And lighting up someone doesn't necessarily mean engaging them in a firefight by yourself. I'm not in the habit of pulling Mel Gibson stunts in heavy urban traffic (which is what you said the circumstances were in your hypothetical).

Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
Again, here you go saying it is everyone else.

Most of the people here get along most of the time and if you take that down to the people in CopTalk you are cops, "most" goes way up to "almost always."

YOU are the one constant in YOUR problems with everyone else.

So, are you, now, a fully sworn LEO?
Not going in circles with you today...I know how it ends, questions, questions, statements, statements, then more questions. You should get off patrol and work homicide, you're much more suited to that division.

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