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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post

The offer was always there for him to just ask if he wanted to know, but after double-checking, one of the people asking to begin with was the OP. Ask for an ORI check, then try to stir **** in Cop Talk? If you needed any more proof as to why I don't visit here, there you I don't really care about providing anything if people are going to be dicks about it. Yet another thing that is annoying as hell about the LEO's here...they just can't stand it when they don't know something, or are being denied info. Unlike most, I don't really care about my internet 'street cred' as much as you guys do.
Between your comments about the armed robbery tactics comments, the snide comments about the intelligence in LE, and being vague about your position - everything is still questionable.

I'll just lay it out for you. You mentioned you would light up an armed robbery offender by yourself in a one man car. An offender you know that is armed and just committed a robbery - but you believe it's good tactics to go at it alone and not just wait for back up, which you said would be easy to get in your area. Such a bad decision that it would either get you killed or reprimanded in LE. A felony stop is a no-brainer for any real cop.

You counter by saying that armed robbery offenders in your area are mostly meth addicts - so should be less dangerous? Most street LE know that a lot of crimes are motivated by desperate addicts - the key word being desperate. You underestimated a drug addict who just committed a crime with a gun and now you want to stop them alone? For a cop with 10 years on that is just insanely poor tactics and logic.

You then mention that after someone commits an armed robbery - they won't just sit around in traffic. I think this comes from someone watching too many movies. Any good street copper has caught his share of just occurred type crimes. It's been my experience time after time....after these guys get out of the very immediate area they are not going to keep driving like maniacs and draw attention to themselves.

This is just a quick break down on that subject alone. I have seen other similar topics discussed by you that go along the same lines. Even your intelligence comments are pretty far off based - this isn't a meat head game anymore....we have to play smarter and not always harder. We have to master criminal law, search and seizure case laws, tactics, psychology, effective communications, etc. If you did this job - you would know that.
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