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Originally Posted by yamen1999 View Post
My question here is why didn't the first officer use his car and get closer to the shooter and use his car as cover?
Having seen/read most of the press on this shooting... when Lt. Murphy arrived, he noticed two victims down in the parking lot and that was his focus. It wasn't until a few seconds after he stepped out of his car that he encountered the shooter running from the building. i.e. he had no idea where the shooter was and already left the vehicle when the threat arose.

Side note, very few parts of a car offer cover... only concealment (BIG difference) which is worthless when the BG has already seen you. Unlike TV and movies, pistol rounds will go through most parts of a car, and rifle rounds will go through almost EVERYTHING including solid steel wheels. Engine block is perhaps the one exception, and if you huddled behind that then you are not actively fighting (which you should be).

Better cover is something more solid & more narrow (than a car) that you can still "pie out" and shoot around, i.e. large trees, corners of stone buildings, fire hydrants (if prone), etc.
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