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Yet another thing that bugs me about most LEO's...they just can't stand it when they don't know something, or are being denied info.
That is a trait of ALL good experienced cops. It is ingrained in them by the necessities of the job which have taught them that you cannot make good decisions or take appropriate action without as much accurate info as possible.

Who, what, why, when, where, and how is always in the forefront of any good cops thinking. Coming to the right conclusions requires as much info as possible.

Any good officer's core beliefs remain the same but they themselves are changed to a certain degree by the job. You can't be an experienced cop and not have had your view of the world changed by it.

Cops look at things differently than non cops even if that difference is simply the experienced cops knowledge that everything is not always what it seems at first glance. and gathering as much accurate info as possible is absolutely required to come to a conclusion.

They also understand the necessitous of concise and accurate communication. and quickly learn to practice that if they do not want to be made a fool of by a defense lawyer in court.

If you are in fact a full time Road Deputy, ( and frankly I have a hard time seeing the difference between your posts on LE subjects and the posts of those with no knowledge or experience in LE) then I would suspect your "core beliefs" you cherish are pretty much that of someone with an anti authority mindset who for whatever reason is working in an authoritarian type job.
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