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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
You didn't say "teach" you said "forced to listen to your child pray." I don't believe religion, any religion should be "taught" in public schools. That does mean a child or teacher should be "DENIED" their RIGHT to pray at recess, on brakes on before or after school on school property. It's public property just like the streets that run around it. I guess you would stop a person from praying in the street?

A Christmas-tree and Santa don't represent a religious function, it represents "The Holidays", isn't that what you lefties like to call that time of year. It sure is funny though how The Muslim religion is being "examined, discussed, taught" in public schools while Christianity is taboo. They celebrate Romodon or how ever in the hell it's spelled but don't anyone dare hang up a picture of Santa. Funny how evolution is "taught" but don't mention Creation, that constitutes "religious" speech and will get a teacher fired. Funny how homosexuality is being examined, discussed, taught in public schools while denouncing it will cost a teacher his/her job for hate peach. Education involves discussion all facets, sides and angles of any given subject. All that is being "TAUGHT" is the wrong side of "religion". That's as wrong as teaching religion is "ALL GOOD". How do you feel about your tax money being spent for indoctrination rather than education?
This warrants a thread all it's own.
Religious studies are fine, as long as they are not biased. There is a difference between Santa Claus and nativity scenes in front of a court house.
Homosexuality is not going away by denying it, and at some appropriate age students should probably be taught about it.
There is solid scientific proof about evolution, and not a shred of evidence about "creationism".

As to Obama saying he was against assault weapons during the debate...... Romney said all kinds of things during the debates that he immediately changed his mind on. There seems to be a big difference between saying something during a campaign and actually doing it. Romney would have destroyed the middle and lower class of this country, and bankrupted it in the process. That was the only message he was consistent on. What little actual specifics he gave were b.s. Even mainstream republicans had to hold their noses while voting for him.

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