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Originally Posted by yamen1999 View Post
I am not LE and I am just learning tactics with firearms. I watched both videos of the shooting at the temple and the bravery displayed is awsome.

My question here is why didn't the first officer use his car and get closer to the shooter and use his car as cover?
Cover or not, distance is your friend. Sure, you may be less likely to hit your target at that distance, but you're also less likely to get hit. Plus, the second officer was using a rifle as opposed to the shooter using a hand gun, giving him even more advantage over distance.

Plus there's often a misconception that cars are good cover. There are very few parts of the car I'd trust to stop a round. I cringe when I see cops crouched behind door with their head popped out over the top of it in the "V" between the door frame and the car frame (is that the pillar) and basically have their gun resting on the mirror and their entire torso is exposed by the window. Is a car door better than nothing? Absolutely, and sometimes that's all there is. But if using the car and given the half second extra, get it at an angle and get down behind the engine block, and hope the other guy doesn't know about ricochet...

When used properly, yes a car can be good cover. But remember that does not include the windows.

Just my 2 cents.
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