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As a retired member of the PSP, I too am interested in this. Without going into a history of PSP firearms, I can only say that they "test" everything they get, from flashlights to handcuffs, although as with any gov't agency, the low bidder usually gets the gravy.
They were getting ready to switch from .357 revolvers to autoloaders just prior to my retirement. As a firearm instructor, I was asked for my input. Knowing they would never go for a SA auto and knowing they would want at least a DA first round, I suggested they strongly consider the SIG. Like anything else I pushed for, they went with a Beretta instead in .40 S&W. I didn't consider a Glock as they had already declared them as not authorized even for off duty carry due to their "lack of a safety". (Strangely enough, they were issued to the SERT team).

I had the opportunity to fire the issue Beretta after I retired when my replacement instructor called me and asked if I'd meet him at the range. He brought his duty gun, along with issue ammo. I'd never seen such a piece of crap. The trigger was absolutely abominable. So hard to pull that neither of us (both decent shots BTW) could hardly get decent hits at 25 yards. He'd wanted to adjust his sights and was told no, they'd "been adjusted before issue". WTF????? Apparently someone came to their senses eventually, and the Glocks were issued.

As for providing ammo, unless they've changed (and I seriously doubt it), they may be issuing one box. No further ammo is issued for practice. Practice ammo comes out of the trooper's pocket....if they practice at all. During my 25 years, most didn't.
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