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Originally Posted by Buffering View Post
Interesting observation but I'd to follow that up with a question, namely, did the investigation reports conclude that the guns would not have discharged if they'd retained their stock safeties? You referenced one incident where the stock safety was in use suggesting, to me, that the safety was not at issue. What were the make and model of the shotguns in those incidents?
I was the investigator. The inspection and analysis was performed, in all cases, with LE/Insurance/Manufacturer's reps present. AFAIK, all parties agreed with my conclusions in these three cases.

In the one with the stock safety, yes, it was an issue. In one of the other ones, I concluded that the stock safety still would have come off, in the other one, no.

I won't list the makes and models. However, J.D.'s assumption as to the style is accurate.
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