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Tkz... "We go thru a lot of 22's so I like to keep it cheap."
I think that kinda speaks for all of us!

With all the recommendations I have from this thread I now have more ammo to test out then I have time to do it... bummer.

My Savage rifle seems to handle anything I want to throw through it, but my Colt pistol is just a bit more particular... not much but a bit.

rv4driver... "I use Peters 500 round high velocity bulk packs (brown box) for training and general plinking. Great ammo and great pricing."
dougader..."Not bad for bargain basement ammo and a stock 10/22."

You guys are about the 5-6 person to recommend these .22's to me. I guess now I am going to have to go out and try these babies out as well.

If you folks keep the recommendations coming - I'm going to have to go out and buy a Semi-Auto Rifle with some huge clips just to fire off all this ammo...
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