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Originally Posted by Toyman View Post
So, I was recently given two almost full 1000 ft boxes of Cat 5e (gigabit rated 4 pair 24 gauge). Doing the ends isn't an issue, I have a crimper and have done dozens of cables.

I'm going to be running about 200 feet out to my shop for a remote backup system. From there what I want to do is run cable out towards/to my hunting shack (330-350 ft) and put a wireless access point there, which would reach a couple other hunting stands I have.

Also, I want to put an IP camera out there, but that might be a separate line/switch/etc - but that will be later.

I've done a little research on Power Over Ethernet, and its specs, but I'm wondering what kind of real world experience or tips some of you might have.

My main concern is how far I can go. Basically I want to put a wired access point that has wireless on the end.
You are going to have other issues if this is inside wire that you are burying. It will not last long installed in that environment.

As another poster mentioned you will also be limited to a total "channel" cable length of 300 Feet by the standards, beyond that is going to depend on a lot of factors.

To regenerate the signal from your shop to the shack, you are going to need a powered switch.

Last in that envoronment, I would strongly suggest that you reconsider using crimped on plugs and instead terminate the wire in mounted jacks and then use patch cords to the devices.
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