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They lower the standards for women firefighters and police officers as compared to men.

Who do you want to come haul you out of a burning building, a male firefighter or some petite woman firefighter?

I worked with women in the department of corrections as well as in the military and in both cases they were unable to complete the same job functions as the men, so exceptions get made for them.

To those that are so sure that some women can do the same job, would you put those same women on an NFL pro football team?? No, because no matter how athletic, they can not do the same things as the men can do.

Hand to hand combat? Remember the female wrestler "Chyna"? She had a body like a man. Everyone talked about how strong and athletic she was. Then she went into a celebrity boxing match with old gray balding out of shape fat Joey Buttefucco and he kicked her butt all over the place. Why?? Because there are differences between men and women and it is just a fact.
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