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Originally Posted by Big Bird View Post

Summary: 2 women passed the screening physical requirements to enter the Marine Infantry Officer School. Both failed to complete the course due to injuries.
What type of injuries? I can't read the full article.

I went through Infantry OSUT at Ft. Benning and being washed out for an injury is quiet common. It happens to guys too, it's par for the course. You get a recycle or a ticket home depending on the nature of your injury. There is also a point where the medics/ instructors will not let you train.

Instead of looking at female police officers as an example, how long have we had female firefighters? Have they been able or unable to regularly haul unconscious, borderline obese people out of burning buildings?

My personal opinion is that if they can pass the same test that is deemed good enough for guys, let them run with the big dogs. That being said, I also feel that the push up/sit up/run pt test is a little dated and is not the best assessment for success in the modern infantry.

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