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Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
I know several **** hot female combat pilots, in both fixed wing fighters, CAS, and rotary wing gunships. As well as have had the distinct honor of going into combat with some great utility rotor wing female pilots.

I don't think they belong in the inf. but they can absolutely hack it behind a stick.
I don't know how true it is but I've heard many times (mostly from a Navy brother, Navy BIL and Air Force cousin) that women can withstand higher G-force for longer time periods while retaining cognitive skills and physical strength/fine motor skills because of their lower blood volume and relative strength of their circulatory system compared to men. Sounds great. Go with what works and treat military personnel like military equipment. Set a standard and require it to be met in order to do the job. The battle field is no place for affirmative action.
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