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Oh boy, do I have parts!

I got my first Glock (a second generation G21) in 1994, just before the federal assault weapons ban went into effect. As a freshly minted Certified Glock Armorer I ordered what I thought would be enough parts to keep that G21 going for the next 20 years. I ordered firing pins, extractors, ejectors and all springs (including 10 spare magazine springs to keep those evil 13 round magazines going!). I must have chosen well, it has been 18 years and I have not needed any of those parts to keep the G21 going. I have used my parts to fix two customers guns, but I have never needed any for my own gun.

Anybody need any obsolescent 1994 vintage G21 parts?

I am the on staff Glock Armorer at the largest gun shop here in Anchorage. As far as I know I am the only Armorer available to the non-law enforcement shooters of this area. I keep in stock all firing pins, extractors, sights, recoil springs, slide lock springs, all pins, slide stops and most other small parts. The only things I do not keep on hand are slides, barrels (except the 6” G20 barrel) or magazine parts.

But for the average Glock owner I would recommend a spare firing pin, extractor and trigger spring. I do not find the slide lock spring to be a high breakage part (except on early G19/23’s, and after those early springs are replaced they generally do not break). A spare slide stop and a recoil spring would be good additions.
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