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Originally Posted by 427 View Post
IDF freezes implementation of report calling for gender equality
Publicly, the IDF announced support for recommendations drafted by special military committee, but in practice it has done very little to implement them.
From the article...

"...and the drive to expand service options for women has largely been replaced with a rearguard action to keep existing gains from being lost, in the face of both increased pressure from the religious establishment for greater separation of the sexes in the army and a rise in the number of women claiming a religious exemption from service."

Yes, Israel too has to deal with its equivalent of the "religious right".

That doesn't change the fact that the IDF officially agrees with expanding the roles for women in combat, largely due to the success of fully integrated, combat infantry units like the Caracal Battallion, which is 60-70% female and has served with distinction in a number of front-line combat ops in the last decade.
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