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Originally Posted by arclight610 View Post
I'm a "minority," so it's harder to use the racist card on me.
Yep. You're obviously an uncle tom.

Originally Posted by badge315 View Post
Black people who want to piss and moan about slavery and discrimination can kiss the whitest part of my ass. Unlike my people, they were never systematically rounded up for extermination. If they want to call me a racist I give a crap what a bunch of anti-Semites think.
Dont you mean the darkest part? Its racist if you ask them to kiss the white part.

Originally Posted by *ASH* View Post
everyone is a racist . period

in some form or fashion and if they say no they are lying .
I disagree. Why do you think EVERYONE is racist? That doesnt make sense to me. Was Gandhi racist? Jesus?

I dont consider myself racist by any means.

Perhaps you are defining racism in an unconventional way? Personally I have friends that are several races, and dont really consider race in anything that I do with them or others.

Racism generally speaking is when someone discriminates against another race. They think they are inferior at the least and hate them at the most.

You think everyone is like that?


As for me...I post on political forums on facebook. Several of them. Most majority liberal. Cant count the number of times ive been called racist when there was 0 call for it.

And dont try to explain that your best man/friend is black or that your ex was Mexican. Then you get " have a black, how racist"

Its racist to explain that you arent racist and provide evidence of it.

Another example...when i was a teenager i worked at kfc. A black guy there didnt much like me and eventually called me racist because of the "HK" sticker on the back windshield of my truck. He associated HK with KKK somehow.

We got along pretty well after I brought an HK book to work and i was even given the nick name "J.P.I.M.P" [My name is JP or John Paul]

On yet another occasion I was at a stereo shop and asked to listen to one of my CDs on some speakers. Metalica. The black worker got pissed because Metalica where "Clansmen." I assured him they werent and told him their old bass player was Mexican.

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