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Originally Posted by MarkCO View Post
So we won't do trigger jobs or use handloads due to "liability" put we will put oversized safeties on tactical shotguns that are "automatic" or "like it's not even there".

Not trying to rain on the parade, but I have investigated 3 fatal shootings with shotguns where the crossbolt safety in the trigger guard was accidentally pushed off just before the trigger was pressed. Sure, the laws of gun safety were violated, but a safety is still there for a reason. If no-one ever broke any of the laws of gun safety, we would not even need safeties on our guns. Two of them had oversized safeties.
Interesting observation but I'd to follow that up with a question, namely, did the investigation reports conclude that the guns would not have discharged if they'd retained their stock safeties? You referenced one incident where the stock safety was in use suggesting, to me, that the safety was not at issue. What were the make and model of the shotguns in those incidents?
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