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Originally Posted by Unistat View Post
If Dragoon is right, an ORI would not help. ....... I see our ORI every time I print an arrest.
It kinda depends when you were in.

I started in 1977 ( we had 150MHZ AM radios, and patrolmen had to come in and spell the dispatcher for potty and lunch breaks.) and left my last department April Fool's day, 1990. (Auspicious, ain't it?)

There was probably an ORI on NCIC/CCIC printouts, but I'll be darned if I ever cared or even looked at it. If someone asked, I wouldn't have a clue.

I even had to run the computer terminal when relieving the dispatcher, but he/she always had it logged in.

Now, with all that newfangled high-tech stuff y'all probably use that stuff all the time.
"...our quick technology allows use to indulge our deepest stupidity and tastelessness with out first thinking...."
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