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Originally Posted by badge315 View Post
Black people who want to piss and moan about slavery and discrimination can kiss the whitest part of my ass. Unlike my people, they were never systematically rounded up for extermination. If they want to call me a racist I give a crap what a bunch of anti-Semites think.
I have read news stories about black leaders spouting anti-Semitic BS openly and in public. In one particular incident, a black minister was addressing a crowd at a rally, and he attacked Jews for their "historical crimes" against blacks. The part of his babbling that got my attention was his description of Jews: "...them greedy ole hooknose Jews...".

Who here has heard of that? If a white or Jewish person said something like this about blacks, look for a burning at the stake.

Anyone remember Jesse Jackson and his "New York City is Hymietown" comment?
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