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Originally Posted by quake View Post
I'm not a fan of what our society has become and is becoming, but I'd be real conscious of the large-scale 'what-ifs' of being completely 'outside' as he is. I'd assume his situation means no insurance, for one thing. So 'what if' you get appendicitis or cancer, what if you develop cataracts; things like that. While I"m not a fan of our current 'culture', I'm a fan of backups and options and while our more-complex society is inherently more vulnerable to hiccups, it's also more flexible and more offering of multiple options.
Our forefathers lived the same way. When they went out on Lexington Green to face the Redcoats they had no life or health insurance or EMS to come help them. If they got hanged, shot or imprisoned their families lost the bread winner and suffered for it. Yet they managed to survive and build this nation.

I agree with you though, who would want to live without some sort of safety net. I've had enough medical problems that I would be crippled or dead if it wasn't for modern medicine.
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