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Originally Posted by ppicasso View Post
I once not long ago pulled over a guy at night for driving without tail lights. As I approached the driver's door it opened. After a moment of tense conversation, I asked the guy why he didn't just open the window. He told me it was because he had just gotten the windows tinted. He then asked me why I stopped him. I told him it was because he had no tail lights. He called B.S. and said it was because he was black and I had nothing better to do than stop black people in white neighborhoods. I pointed out the neighborhood (spanish/haitian) and told him he was Haitian (he had recently immigrated from Haiti) and he didn't count as black and his windows were tinted illegally. Yes I later got in a little trouble for saying that. He said almost nothing after that, got his ticket annnnnnd later complained on me.

This brings me to my point, I see the label of rasist being brought against people for the rasist's benefit. In this case, a person of color that has been in this country for less than 3 months is using a term that for him has no meaning in his country. He was using it in an attempt to benefit from it.

I'm far from being a rasist, but I am prejudiced to the point that I pre-judge sometimes based on appearance for my safety.

If I were rasist then my American/vietnamese wife would have an issue with it. Especially since she is (black) American/Vietnamese, and gorgeous!
I remember this one girl, half black/half Thai. She was FINE. Mmmmmmm.
Molon labe
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