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Originally Posted by Batesmotel View Post
In the past week I have been called a racist three times.

Once because I hired a couple of Mexican nationals to do some work. One was a laborer from a temp agency and the other was a rather skilled finish carpenter who is self employed. The carpenter came well recommended and the temp agency just sent someone. Nationality had nothing to do with it. But because I had a Mexican doing manual work I am a racist?

Second time was because I declined to have a drink of Mescal at dinner during a social function. He said I must hate Mexicans. Problem is I don't drink at all. If I refused a shot of Ouzo would that mean I hate Greeks?

And today a dirt bag immigration lawyer called me one because I didn't find his client a condo. The guy is a Chinese national who may not be in the US legally. I think his visa expired.

He refused to sigh an agency agreement so he is not legally my client. He wants to pay cash but refuses to get a Proof of Funds letter from his bank. And he refuses to sign a FIRPTA disclosure that is required by all foreign nationals buying or selling property.

Anyone else seeing flippant accusations of racism recently?
You might be a racist if you don't agree with the Left Wing.

You might be a traitor/non-patriot if you don't agree with the Right Wing.

Ergo, you might be a racist traitor if you are libertarian.

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