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Originally Posted by FireForged View Post
on Katrina:

This act was not enacted by the Federal Gov.. It was a mis-step taken in one city by local LEO's. This act was condemed most Many STates have taken steps to enact laws to prohibit it happening in the future. Katrina confiscated firearms have been returned and its simply not in the same Universe as a Nation Wide gun confiscation.
Ummm.... on what authority can you declare that the confiscated firearms were returned??? To my knowledge that is simply NOT true. NONE of the confiscated firearms were recorded. No receipts were given to the victims of this 4A infringement. No cataloging was done. Heirloom guns were taken.... again... no receipts or records. Most were thrown in damp storage only to rust. Few to none were returned, and certainly not in the condition in which they were taken.
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