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Originally Posted by Bruce M View Post
But what happens if not everyone sees things from the view of the militia? Because it is no longer the colonial era it might be a bit quicker for the government side to muster up some reinforcements, you know, since they don't have to get a letter on a sailing ship to Great Britian.
If you've read your history, you'd know that not everyone was onboard with the militia back then, either. There were plenty of British sympathizers.

There is no government force that could defeat the mulit-millions of armed citizens. And, it will take ANY government, even today, MUCH longer to muster up a (larger) standing army. Look at how long it takes our modern government to do ANYTHING. It takes the citizens NO TIME by comparison.

History is on our side... in a BIG way. We've done it before. We could do it again, and even better than before. We are far better equipped than they were then. When you consider the dearth of resources back then, the accomplishments of the Patriots are truly stunning.
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