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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
You need to take a lesson from The Mayor, Mayor okie. You know him, right? He's the one with 127,427 posts.

Now, Mayor okie, he posts a lot about his breakfasts, lunches, suppers. Never have I known him to insert his discussions about meals into another member's totally unrelated thread. The Mayor, he's polite that way.

Now, you, you're not so polite. Your dinner worries, well they were posted to disrupt, to incite other members into responding, challenging you. Maybe they would say something impolite. Then you get to report their posts, get them in trouble, or better yet, get the thread closed. You know, that unlucky thing that seems to happen to other members when you enter their threads.

So how about this, if you have a comment to make directly relating to a thread's topic, directly meaning no one needs to ask for clarification, you go right ahead and post.

Now, if all you want to do, like in this thread, is to disrupt things, you know, troll, don't do it.

That way, I'll not have to doubt your intentions.

Well, thank you. Of course you are not so polite yourself but that would be off topic to point out that you have made a lot of untrue accusations/assumptions.

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