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Originally Posted by arclight610 View Post
I'm a "minority," so it's harder to use the racist card on me.
Actually, no its not harder to use the racist card on a minority. Racists can be any color, and in my own PERSONAL experiences, I have seen many more racists who were minorites than not.


While I was a kid, I despised one of my uncles because he was always spouting racist crap and was always griping about blacks/mexicans/women/gays. I hated to be around him. Growing up I had friends who were minorities, and I disliked racists. Now as a middle aged white male, I have started to realize that blacks are the most racist group.

When I was fifteen, I went to live with my dad in a black neighborhood. I went to a mostly black high school that first year. While walking to/from school, I was frequently attacked and had to learn how to fight pretty fast. If I wasn't attacked on any given day, I at least had people making racist remarks to me.

I have been a victim of reverse discrimination, and it cost me. I was told straight up by a supervisor who sat on the board that decided who was going to be meritoriously advanced (Navy CAP) that the other guy was chosen because he was a minority and his advancement exam scores were much lower than mine and they didn't think he would get advanced on his own. It didn't matter to them that I studied constantly. I carried index cards around in my back pocket and if I had a spare moment, I studied. He got advanced and got payed a year before I did because of his race. Yes I did make it on my own which I am proud of, but did he really deserve to get a years difference in pay for being mediocre?

I have had minorities say things that were absolutely false and I could prove it, but I was called racist for disagreeing.

One black guy I worked with in the Navy (we were the same rank and were peers) at one point refused to talk to me because "I was holding him back". One night at sea, we got the call for flight deck troubleshooters (H-60 helos). We grabbed our tools and took off running through the ship to get to the flight deck. He was ahead of me while we were running to the flight deck. Nobody could see us hustling to get there. Once we get to the flight deck where EVERYONE could see us, he stopped running while I kept on. (You know the value of hustling or "chop chop" if you've been in the military.) Because I kept on going and got there first instead of be-bopping my way to the helo, he said I jumped in front of him and didn't give him a chance, so I "held him back".

Up until about a year ago I was working with two black guys in a shop with a total of 6 people. Two of us white boys got awards for going above and beyond. After that, we kept hearing those two talking smack about racism like they didn't know we were in the room. The thing is that while we were working our butts off, these two were surfing porn on the internet while others answered a higher number of calls, and one was conducting personal business on company time with company resources. Both eventually got fired after being given MANY more chances and warnings than our employer has ever given any white person.

The majority of the people who have been rude to me in public or in traffic have been black.

These are only a very few of my experiences with racist minorities who felt a sense of entitlement. I don't want to turn this post into a book.

Yes, there are trash of every color, but the vast majority of the racists I have been in contact with in my lifetime have been black.


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