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Originally Posted by ilgunguygt View Post
Not really. The because you are a minority doesnt mean that you cant hate someone based on thier race(not saying you do).

I once had a black guy tell me that he couldnt be racist, HE WAS BLACK!
I'm not saying I can't be racist. It's just... different. Many of the same "arguments" don't hold as much weight when used against me. I've received my share of racial slurs and discrimination in life. Likewise there were many Asian practically-slaves that helped build the transcontinental railroad. You don't see me wearing pants below my ass and robbing 7-Elevens as a result.

I can speak freely about racial issues without having to worry about that white-guilt crap or whatever. Other races can't say that I'm trying to oppress them, or that I don't know what it's like being a "minority." Seriously, I've probably said some stuff during debates in a "Cultural Anthropology" class that I took last semester that would have gotten a white student crucified.
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