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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
I don't need a crystalball. All one needs is a memory or how to use an internet searchengine. The Obaminaton said during the debate that he "SUPPORTS" an AWB. He stated he believes the Second Amendment "GRANTS" people the right to hunt. The Second says nothing and has nothing to do with hunting. And there in lies the problem with liberals... they hear, remember and REPEAT what supports there EMOTIONS. Or deny, deny, deny!!!!
He's also been in office for 4 years, and we haven't seen a single piece of anti gun legislation passed.
When he was first elected everyone predicted doom and gloom for gun rights, panic bought everything they could get their hands on, and nothing (other than high prices and shortages) came of it.
Other (republican) presidents ushered in things like the government being able to imprison citizens without trials and tap phones without warrants, but somehow they get a pass because they are for prayer in school?
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