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Originally Posted by RedTop View Post
The term 'racist' is the political trump card of the left, and it's so over-used it has become meaningless.
It is also the tool that is all too often used to escape the legitimate consequences for one's actions.

And that is a shame because real cases of racism seem suspect.

I had a friend/classmate back in high school who hated a particular blowhard legislator who was always screeching about discrimination and racism. My friend said something like, "I can't stand that man because he makes us black people look bad." He even called an area black college a diploma mill, which is correct; the standards are pathetic and the graduates often cannot write above the 4th grade level.

That brings up yet another BS playing of the race card. A woman I know used to be a Spanish professor there. There were a dozen or so students in her class, and all were black.

She caught the WHOLE class cheating on a quiz. The answers were all the same, even the wrong answers. Someone obviously got a copy beforehand.

After she graded the quiz, she gave them all zeros, and told them not to cheat again, or she would report them for academic dishonesty. They all got walked out, and went to the department dean to complain. She told the professor to change the grades because it was a racist action on her part.

When she protested that there were no white students in the class so she couldn't have discriminated, the dean replied "Well you are white, and that is proof enough."
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