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Originally Posted by SC_Dave View Post
Here it comes boys!

Turn Them Over: Feinstein Moves To Ban ALL Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines, and Pistol Grips
Nobody is going to demand that you turn in anything that you already lawfully possess and nobody is going to "come for your guns". I realize that many guns were taken during katrina but those guns have been returned and those acts condemed. Many things may happen and (worse case), we may not be able to sell or transfer banned weapons already "in possession" but even that would be unlikely- possible but unlikely.

Do I believe that a new AWB is likely? (Sure do). Do I believe that our gun laws are going to eventually become something akin to a UK model? (Yep)..How long? Not in our lifetime.
"I believe that the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms must not be infringed if liberty in America is to survive." - Ronald Reagan

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