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Originally Posted by Roger1079 View Post
Where the heck does this entitlement mindset so many people seem to have come from?

Do you know what my employer owes me? A paycheck for doing my job weekly to the best of my ability, vacation and sick time as per company guidlines, and the subsidized insurance package that was a condition of my employment that I pay for weekly out of my check. Beyond that, my employer OWES ME NOTHING. My employment is a PRIVELEDGE and certainly not a RIGHT, and I can tell you this with certainty: If I ever fail to accomplish my job to their satisfaction and I fail to continue to be an asset to my employer, they can and will let me go maybe with notice, most likely without. They are a business, not a charity. Only the government is in the business of giving lazy and useless people money they didn't earn.
The above is of course the rambling of one who is not looking at a pink slip... who has not been lied to by his employer. Or, it reflects the blind rote repetition of a mythology to which one clings in the face of reality.

As to the govt., it routinely employes all sorts of people, some who earn their pay and some of them who are just simply lazy people sucking on the fed. tit. You find them in all sorts of places... administration, regulation, military, law enforcement, etc. They're everywhere! They're everywhere!
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