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To my knowledge the person in question has claimed simply to be a "Deputy". That would include the position of Deputy Jailer which is most likely what he is.

He exhibits the classic Disgruntled Deputy Jailer attitude with a chip on his shoulder about road officers. I have seen that behavior on a number of forums where instead of clarifying their position they instead remain vague simply claiming to be a "LEO" or a "Deputy" and while they are often indeed both they try to make it seem as though they are a road officer.

In much of the South Deputy Jailers are full sworn full time LEO's. there is no difference in their full time fully sworn status. the only difference is where they are assigned.

Edit to add- it is not at all uncommon in rural areas in the South for Deputy Jailers to also get some road time now and then to fill in when there is a need.
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