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Originally Posted by engineer151515 View Post
Here's a truth.

Without a contract, you are not entitled to a job.

There ya go.
And therein lies a point to be made...

Those who believe that an employer has some obligation to them beyond paying for work performed, plus any vacation time, medical insurance, or other benefits agreed upon at time of hire:

You always have the option of negotiating a formal contract with the employer up front stating exactly what is expected by both parties.

My employment is done this way for each project I work.
Has been for almost 30 years now. Works well for me.
Usually, the contract states that the arrangement can be ended at any time by either party for any reason.

In this way, I know up front the terms and conditions of my employment. I know up front that if I am rendering the value my employer needs then I have "a job" (for the duration at least) and I will be paid for the work I've performed.

If at any time my employer feels that I am not providing them with the value they expected, they will end the agreement and find someone who can give them what they want.
And yes, it has happened that way, more than once.

This has worked well for me my entire working life, with no angst over whether we really, truly love each other or whether they will respect me in the morning.
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