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Originally Posted by Devans0 View Post
I worked at a company that required ten years to get a partial vesting for retirement. It wasn't an at will state but it was remarkable how many employees were great employees until 9 1/2 years passed, then suddenly became "problem employees" that were fired.
I was looking for other employment at 9 1/2 years and asked the bosses for glowing recommendations, to help me find a new job. A new job didn't come, but the documentation helped when the hatchet was aimed in my direction.
If this is known as a common business practice of this company why do any good employees stay? If the employee has enough value take it to somewhere else.

I always keep my eye's open for a better opportunity for me and my family. My loyalty is to my family. My employer pays me for the work I perform and value I bring to them. They need something done and I do it because they pay me to do it. When they no longer need it or think they would be better off with someone else they will stop paying me and I will stop doing it.
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