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I regularly wear 5.11 pants because they are available in my size, comfortable, have plenty of pockets for all my crap (cell phone, wallet, pocket knife, a small notebook and pen, jframe and speed strip, keys) plus they are reasonably priced and durable.

I wear a Wilderness belt because they are reasonably priced, durable, available in my size, and look neat enough to suit me.

I wear a pair of Bates desert tan boots because they come in my size (15) are durable, comfortable, and best of all I paid $30 for them when I got em on clearance($115 original price).

Notice the "in my size" thread common to all three. I'm 6'8"/350 so anything I can find in my size that's durable, reasonably priced, comfortable, and looks neat gets bought and worn. I'm not a poser, I just like practical clothing.
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