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Folks who claim to be, when they're not

So, it seems there's yet another one who says he's one of us, but isn't. After searching for his username thru 7 pages of Google, because he claimed to be a member of three other LE boards, I can only conclude the following:

He uses a different username for those boards, or

Doesn't have enough posts in those boards to be statistically significant enough to be included in the Google search, or

He's not a sworn law enforcement officer.

Further anecdotal evidence includes the same username and location used on multiple forums. Also, wouldn't a cop know about how a bench warrant is issued, and not ask a forum for divorced fathers, much less be forced to call multiple agencies to check on the aforementioned warrant? Hell, I'm just a jail officer, and can answer that question.

Anyway, I hereby request an official ORI check from said individual ...

ADDED ON 11/18 -

Upon request...forward to page 26 if you don't wish to read the entire thread. Someone gets busted out, pics and all.

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