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Originally Posted by Slug71 View Post
Because we've always parked back there. Pissed off shoplifters can't wait for us outside/see what we drive. Employees don't know when we come or go.
Management has failed to tell us security issues in the past and we often have transients/bums trying to steal cans from the back and then return them for $$.
Thats why I asked.

She wanted my left out of the investigation and my partner to go up. Never happened before and he was off the next day. Since we are a team, I would have liked to be briefed too.

I left out the other incident since that happened back in March and I alread mentioned it. And it was a lie. Shouldn't be held against me.
Go back and read what I said about drama and using too much management time. Think about it. Then read this your reply and see how it fits into what i said.

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