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Originally Posted by Slug71 View Post
Yes it is a privilege and not a right. That doesn't mean employers should treat there employees that way.
Since when is "should" the same as "let's make a law requiring people to behave a certain way"?

The working class spend more time at work than at home.
I guarantee that your manager works more hours than you do. The idea of a "working class" is nothing but classist crap.

I worked from 6am Friday to 1am Saturday last week. Yes, I work behind a desk primarily. But I still average 70 hours. I don't even get overtime. When's the last time you worked a 70 hour week?

The economy is also driven by us.
The economy is driven by both capital and labor. To say it's driven by "us" is stupid. Neither can exist without the other.

Would you rather have to deal with a union than have give a warning before terminating someone? I would rather have that and do away with unions.
And when you run a business, you can make that choice. You don't get to try and legislate that choice onto others.
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