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Originally Posted by kat1950 View Post
Another completely stupid thread, but this is by far the worst site for this kind of BS.

My employees from day 1 are told what they have to do, No Deviation at all, if they have a problem they can come to me and talk, if I feel there is some merit in what they say I would take that into consideration, if not they are Fired.

What employees have to realize is that their job is a privilege, not a right, There are thousands to replace them, especially in this economy.

Oh by the way we have NO communist unions here.
How is it stupid? I raised a legit issue. I was wronged and looking for opinion.
Yes it is a privilege and not a right. That doesn't mean employers should treat there employees that way. The working class spend more time at work than at home. The economy is also driven by us.

Would you rather have to deal with a union than have give a warning before terminating someone? I would rather have that and do away with unions.
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