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There is nothing in North America that a '06 cant kill. As for the 270, the only animal that I would hesitate shooting would be a grizzly bear.
I have shot dozens of deer with the 270, and none of them knew what hit them, and most fell in place without taking a single step. I know lots of hunters that have taken moose and elk with a 270 with similar results.
The one advantage that the 06 has is that you can load from 100 to 220 grain bullets if that is your thing. With most rifles I would bet that one one end of the scale accuracy would be an issue. The rate of twist on off the shelf rifles is probably sufficient for 150 to 180 grains. I doubt that most rifles would stabilize a 100 grain bullet. I have yet to find a 100 grain load that my 270 will shoot accurately.
Both rounds are excellent for the average hunter and I prefer 270. But, if my hunting area was in bear country I would take the '06
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