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Originally Posted by Foxterriermom View Post
This along with the probability that his tongue was hanging out with drool dripping off of it and his facial expression read like an open book of what his mind was thinking. As a woman I don't mind being checked out as long as there is no obvious lewdness involved. It's one think to think a man finds me attractive as opposed to thinking he wants to throw me down on ground and have his way with me.
I don't think GT can handle this conversation, but what exactly is the difference between finding you attractive and wanting to have his way with you? They are both the same thing

How lewd the guy appears is probably inversely related to your attraction to him.

Now of course I know there is this sophisticated, polite, pretense that attractiveness is just artistic appreciation and not wild throw down.

But deep inside a man (and maybe a woman too), whether a president, governor, or general, there lurks the heart of lewdness.

Now back to how funny it was the OP got caught being lewd He's got to learn to hide it better in the form of appeciating attractiveness, and managing to pretend that is different.

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