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Originally Posted by Pier23 View Post

True, that is NOT the point!

Yeah, i have the Sig P232 which is what the PPK should be, and the Kahr .380, and the Kahr K9....but none of them are the PPK.

Yes, it is a tacky SmithWalther, yes it has the gaudiest Walther logo stamped on the slide, yes it took me three tries to get one that fired reliably...yes, yes, yes...but it is a more or less PPK/S with "an impact like a brick through a glass window..."

Now rereading the Bond series from gugle to zach, I am reminded that Bond's piece was a .32... Go figure. But, Major Boothroyd was the world's formost small arms expert, or M would not have had him what do I know?
he use to use a 25ACP, so a .32 is a step up.
just saw the trailer on tv where Q mentioned it was 9 mm short. so i guess he upgraded that too.

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