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Hello! New here!

I decided to join my first firearm forum, so I thought I'd start here.

I come from the Enthusiast Computing scene. (OCN, I won't advertise it here, but it's initials are OCN) - I was a forum moderator, and Air Cooling Editor there.

Iv'e since retired from Enthusiast Computing, and parted my I5 2500K 4.6GHZ and Radeon HD 7950 Toxic-X baded system in favor of firearms.

I'm quite adept in both, but I'm still new to Enthusiast Firearm scenes.

I currently have an entire safe of goodies like:

2X Custom Colt AR-15's with M4 congiiguration 16.5" barrel.

1X AR-15 chambered in AAC 300 Black out, and one more chambered in .50 Beowolf.

Beretta 92FS Italian.

And many.. many more.
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