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Originally Posted by Yankee2718 View Post
I'd consider the 130 gr bullet to be the mid weight standard for the .270, and 150 gr the mid weight standard for the .30-06. To achieve the same sectional density as a 130 grain .277 bullet, a .308 bullet needs to reach 165 grains in weight. Even at 165 grains, the 130 grain .277 bullet has a much higher ballistic coefficient.

As someone on here said, the argument is rather academic. Trajectory and impact energy are so similar that the differences don't matter for 99.9% of common application. I currently use a .30-06 and have never fired a .270 Winchester.

I think my question should have been - is there any game the .30-06 can take that the .270 can't? I have a feeling that in North America the differences between the two cartridges are academic.
The 165 is my "standard light" in the 06. it happens to be the weight most of my 06s like for accuracy. I wouldn't worry bout shooting too much with a .270 given a "perfect shot" , but on an elk or bear I like the option of a "raking shot" (diagonal to the "Off" shoulder or hip depending of facing towards or away) with a heavier bullet that I would have to pass on with a .270.
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