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It is difficult to dedicate yourself to a company who doesn't dedicate itself to you. I think there should be some safeguards in place to protect a worker from retaliation for off-the-job/off-the-premises pissing matches that have nothing to do with the worker's job performance. I did a very, very good job for my employer, but got canned by a small man with no ethics and no honor who felt he had to get even with me. The Canadian masters hired him to run that store and this old man's career is nothing to them, as long as the $$$ keep rolling in... except it isn't... this particular store has NEVER shown a profit.

The store hasn't been open quite five years yet between when it was Sportsman's Warehouse and its current incarnation as Wholesale Sports and he has fired six managers now, driven off several more, had a couple of 'em go back to hourly to get out from under his thumb, and one retired. The Hunting department is on its fourth manager, Front End is on its fourth manager, Fishing is on its third, Receiving/Shipping on its third, Camping on its second, Clothing on its second, Gift Bar on its second, and Footwear on its second... in LESS THAN FIVE YEARS!

I don't know how on God's Green Earth this could be true, but the store manager once told me it costs an average of $200,000 to train a manager... and he's fired six of us in less than five years... that would be $1.2 million down the drain, according to his figures. Add in the ones that have voluntarily left, combined with the ones currently in the positions and that figure can be boosted to ~$4.5 million.
I was fired in April, and the last Hunting Manager was just fired on November 6.

The store has never made a profit, and out of 15 stores, our store was tied for last place with the Bismarck store... and WS closed that store almost immediately upon acquisition, leaving the Helena store in last place. Internal corruption is rampant, as per my previous post, and I think there should be some checks in place to protect the workers from the day to day whims of a complete lunatic. Combined with Obama's reelection, I can't really see that store being open a year from now.
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